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WD40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant Spray 400ml
WD40 Industrial Strength Degreaser Spray 500ml

WD40 Logo WD-40 was developed in 1953 by Norm Larsen the product was originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion on the Atlas space rocket and nuclear rockets, and later was found to have numerous household uses. Instantly recognized worldwide, WD-40 Company encompasses a group of brands featuring a full range of high performance products from oils to brake cleaner, chain wax, grease and cleaning products. Spanning maintenance, specialty, and cleaning products for all corners of the industrial realm, enthusiasts, hobbyists and home, WD-40 Company is home to several of the World’s best-known brands. A non-volatile, viscous oil which remains on the surface, providing lubrication and protection from moisture properties that make the product useful in both home and commercial fields; removing dirt and residue, removing moisture and loosening tight objects etc. In recent years the WD-40 company has acquired several household-products companies, adding such brand names as 3-In-One Oil, Lava, Spot Shot, X-14, Carpet Fresh, and 2000 Flushes to its roster. The company still has its corporate offices in San Diego, California. It now markets its products in more than 187 countries.