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Sunax Logo Sunax Sunsheild for Motorcycle Helmets is a provider of high performance ultra-light, highly effective anti-dazzle shield designed to be inserted into motorcycle helmets. Varying light conditions and sudden dazzle have always been among the main stress and risk factors for motorcyclists the problem is that our eyes cannot adapt quickly enough to changing light conditions. Up to now sunglasses, hinged sun visors or tinted visors have been used to protect the eyes from dazzle. The Sunax Sunshield is an ingenious device that has been available for nearly a decade. The idea is to place some dark material just above the eyes so that when you're traveling into the sun, you can just tilt your head slightly to lower the glare. When it's correctly located, the dark material will remain out of the line of sight until your head tilts slightly a natural reaction to bright sunlight. The Sunshields are made in Germany and they are available in several tints and sizes, developed for different conditions and rider light sensitivity, the Sunax Sunshield doesn't affect the helmet's compatibility with ECE safety standards and is fully road legal an excellent idea that works well. A much better solution than stick-on film or internal sun visors which seem to only add weight and complexity to a helmet while not providing the levels of glare protection that maybe desired. Perfect glare protection for your helmet.