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Pirelli Diablo Rosso™ IV Corsa

DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is the fiercer version of DIABLO ROSSO IV supersport tyre, dedicated to the most demanding motorcyclists in terms of dynamic riding on the road and on the track.

Milano (Italia) 24 November 2021 – Pirelli announces the arrival of the new DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa, the high-performance hypersport tyre that raises the bar of sport riding even higher within the DIABLO ROSSO family. The new DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa represents a fiercer version of the DIABLO ROSSO IV supersport tyre, and was created to satisfy the most demanding motorcyclists seeking a tyre capable of a sporty performance, in order to best express the potential of their supersport, naked or hypernaked bikes.

DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is the ideal choice for:

Motorcyclists who love a dynamic riding style on winding roads and mountain passes, who want a tyre that can best express the sporty performance of their motorcycle;
Motorcyclists who are passionate about tuning, who look for performance upgrades and take care of the bike set-up. These riders seek the optimal set-up of their motorcycle according to the type of use, also through the upgrade to high-performance equipment.

The main benefits of DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa are:

Higher grip in dry conditions, thanks to a slicker tread design that guarantees a larger footprint area alongside the use of innovative compounds that increase mechanical grip levels;
Enhanced hard handling and precise feedback. The innovative technologies applied to the carcass make DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa able to adhere to the micro-roughness of the asphalt, ensuring precise feedback and a feeling of control;
Performance consistency over multiple riding sessions, made possible by the characteristics of the tread pattern that comes in the shape of broken lightning. The tyre offers high resistance to stress, and, by the new arrangement of the compounds, ensures optimal thermal balance.

Product positioning within the Pirelli range

Just as the riders of the FIM Superbike World Championship make a choice on which DIABLO Superbike tyre to use in a race, depending on the conditions and set-up, everyday motorcyclists have the possibility to choose which sporty tyre version to use to best enhance the characteristics of their bike.
DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is positioned within the range of Pirelli’s high performance road tyres as the fiercer version of the DIABLO ROSSO IV.
DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is a product offering balanced behaviour between sporty performance on track and excellent road performance. The tyre offers top grip at maximum lean angles, with a little compromise in terms of wet behaviour and mileage.

The origins of DIABLO, DIABLO ROSSO brands and name Corsa

DIABLO represents Pirelli’s excellence in the world of high-performance tyres designed for two-wheeled vehicles. Since its introduction in 2002, the DIABLO product family has rapidly evolved to include a broad portfolio of tyres dedicated to other market segments, from professional racing to the supersports road arena. The DIABLO brand brings with it more than two decades of experience, technology and victories in the most prestigious national and international two-wheeled competitions.
Within the DIABLO range, the DIABLO ROSSO products are dedicated to road machines of a sport leaning. The name DIABLO ROSSO was born with the intention of honouring the distinctive racing red colour of the Italian national motorsport team.
Since the introducton of the first version in 2010, the suffix Corsa represents the highest expression of a tyre range homologated for road use and offering undisputed sporty performance.

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