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Optimate Pro-S Ampmatic

OptiMate Pro-S 12V Battery Charger - an affordable commissioning charger for professional workshops.

Based on the famous OptiMate charging algorithm, the Pro-S offers proven OptiMate technology in a handy workshop format, with selectable charge programs for fast and correct charging of all types of MF power sports vehicle batteries.  If you already have an OptiMate Pro4-S or Pro8-S but also need extra charging power & portability, OptiMate Pro-S is perfect. Or if you have a small or satellite workshop which needs a professional charger but cannot justify the expense of BatteryMate or Pro4-S, Pro-S is ideal.

  • NEW single-station workshop charger correctly commissions new sealed & filler cap batteries in 1 hour, extending battery life by up to 100%.
  • The NEW Ampmatic program varies current according to battery requirements, bringing the battery to full charge as quickly as possible.
  • Unique NEW and USED battery program selections.
  • OptiMate programming incorporates recovery of sulfated batteries, equalization, optimal charge cycle and multiple test stages.
  • Wall mountable housing uses standard OptiMate connection leads and accessories for easy connection.
  • The high voltage & pulsing recovery mode is able to save a neglected sulphated 12V lead-acid battery unable to accept a charge from a standard charger. Battery power is optimized during bulk, absorption & cell balancing charge modes by the microprocessor controlled AMPMATIC program, a unique feature that automatically ensures the battery receives optimal current every second and then tests to verify charge retention. Automatic safety features include quick identification of a severely shorted battery, 12-hour maximum program for USED batteries and electronic reverse polarity protection.


  • Detects short-circuited cells
  • Diagnoses sulphation
  • Controlled desulphation
  • Ampmatic controlled charge current
  • Charge verification action
  • Voltage retention check
  • Float charge maintenance
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