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Optimate 3 12v 7 Step Battery Charger

Since it's launch in 1995, OptiMate has received wide acclaim as an outstanding compact automatic motorcycle battery charger, maintainer and recoverer for 12V starter batteries of motorcycles, ride-on mowers and similar seasonal vehicles, as well as for sealed lead-acid gel and deep-cycle batteries used in back-up power support applications.

The new OptiMate 3 takes the proven OptiMate interactive charging programme another step further in an affordable package.

Optimate 3 is totally automatic and fully protected against user errors. There are no switches. Short-circuiting the charger output resets the programme, without sparks or blown fuses. Affordable, compact, intelligent and forgiving of errors, OptMate 3+ is the perfect tool for regular or long-term maintenance of batteries not in daily use.

Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries from 2Ah to 45Ah, although it can also maintain larger batteries (it will just take longer to charge).

Why OptiMate 3? Forgot to switch off the ignition / lights or did not hook up the battery to a maintainer during off-season and now the battery is ‘dead’? There is no need to rush out and buy a new battery as OptiMate 3+ has been proven to save neglected, deep discharged batteries other smart chargers can’t.

Think that batteries only last 2-3 years? OptiMate 3 has been proven to extend battery life to 400%; batteries can last 8 years if maintained with OptiMate 3. To make this work always hook up OptiMate 3 to the battery when the vehicle is parked and OptiMate 3 will safely maintain the battery at 100%, never overcharging, thanks to its unique 30 min charge, 30 min rest cycle during every hour of long term maintenance charge.

Includes 2 connection accessories : 

TM-71 permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap & TM-74 set of battery clips.

Fully automatic operation that includes all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark connection.

2 year limited warranty.


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