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OGK Aeroblade 2, FF3,OGK FF3-GP,FF-4,

OGK Logo OGK is a name synonymous with motorcycle racing. OGK built it’s name and reputation on building top quality helmets for race teams and then released them to the general motorcycle market. OGK Kabuto (pronounced Ka-boo-tow) was founded in 1982 and is one of the leading independent Japanese helmet manufacturers.With remarkable technology and uncompromising quality, OGK helmets are created and innovated embracing two fundamental beliefs, to protect life and to create a distinctive design. Kabuto develops unique products based on safety, offering a wide range of helmets, visors and helmet spares ideal for meeting the demands of professionals, as well as recreational riders. “Safety Meets Style” This is the essence of every Kabuto OGK motorcycle helmet.