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Nolan Helmets Adventure

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Nolan N70-2X Bungee N-Com Helmet (White/Black)
Nolan N70-2X Decurio N-Com Helmet (Metal White/Blue/Red)
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Nolan Logo Nolan motorcycle helmets have been manufactured in Bergamo, Italy, for over 40 years. Started by Lander Nocchi, Nolan is proud of their Italian heritage. When other manufacturers where seeking to cut costs by moving production to the far east Nolan decided to keep there’s in Italy their goal is to offer high-value products with innovative features at the best price. Manufacturing in their own factory in Italy allows Nolan to exert extraordinary control over the quality of their products. They use all the best materials available, and manufacture every part of every helmet in house. They have their own research team and their own test lab to ensure that every helmet conforms to the safety standards of all the markets around the world. All Nolan helmets are covered by a 5-year limited warranty and all Ncom communications products are covered by a 2-year limited warranty.