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Motoverde Arm Pump 100ml 

There is no cure for arm pump, we know.. but prevention is better than cure as they say!

Made completely from pure essential oils, Arm-Pump is a staple to any athlete’s kit bag.

A superhero in a bottle! Motoverde Arm-Pump is unique blend of essential oils designed to soothe and relax your muscles before an event such as racing or training. Nine specifically chosen essential oils are in this formula to aid your muscles and assist in preventing arm pump. Arm-Pump does not contain CBD oil.

Q: I don’t get arm pump can I still use the product somewhere else on my body?

A: Yes! This product was developed to aid the prevention of arm pump however we have had a huge variety of feedback from customers using Arm-Pump for different issues on a various areas of the body.

Q: Can I Use Arm-Pump in the bath?

A: We are huge fans of using Arm-Pump in the bath! This product contains natural relaxants and anti-inflammatories so if you use 10 pumps in a warm bath you will achieve full body relaxation! Just be sure to rinse the residue from the bath once you have finished!

Q: I get arm pump and I’m not sure if your product works for me.

A: That’s ok! Sometimes things don’t work for everyone. However we do advise that you use the product as instructed for best results. Use 30 minutes before riding/racing, 5 pumps per forearm (you can use more if you wish). The 30 minute time frame gives the product a chance to soak in and work its magic. If you are riding early in the morning or feel like you are about to have a heavy endurance ride, feel free to apply the night before. This will help you have an amazing nights sleep as preparation for the ride ahead.

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