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Interphone Communications Gear

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Interphone IPhone 7 & 8 Holder Case
Interphone Audio Kit For All Kinds Of Helmets

Interphone Logo Interphone is the ultimate Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom and entertainment system: rider to pillion and bike-to-bike communication; wireless, hands-free connection to a mobile phone, satellite navigation system or your mp3 player; either individually or simultaneously. Completely waterproof and dust-proof to withstand the rigors of real-world motorcycle riding, compatible with open face, full face and flip front motorcycle helmets, and with a range of tailor made accessories, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Impressive simplicity and functionality means you can literally be set up and running, talking over the system within as little as 5 minutes of opening the box. Exceptional audio clarity and a wide volume range allow easy communication at speeds up to 112mph, even while wearing ear plugs. Interphone’s long-lasting battery life won’t leave you in silent isolation on all-day rides.