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Helite Motorcycle Airbag Vest Turtle Edition

With the Turtle Technology Helite is revolutionizing safety protection levels for Motorcyclists. 

By covering our airbag with a good back protector, the protection effect is similar to a Helmet: hard layer outside, soft material inside. This layer configuration results in a much better resistance, dispersion and absorption of intruding, sharp and pointy objects. In an accident, the Helite TT Vests can deliver in excess of 40 TIMES MORE PROTECTION to the spine than traditional EN1621/2 back protectors

Helite airbags are revolutionizing motorcyclists safety by concentrating on protecting vulnerable parts of the body, chest, neck, inner organs. Did you know, 40% of sever or fatal accidents are due to chest trauma ? 

Innovative airbag shape, stabilizing the head, neck and spine to avoid whiplash injuries and hyper-extension

Airbag Volume: 17 - 24 liters of protection (depends on the airbag size)

Inflation time very quick under 100ms to inflate a large volume with an optimal pressure in the airbag chambers.

The idea is you attach the release cord under your seat and not on the handle bars as research has shown this means it wont go off if you accidentally if you get off the bike without detaching yourself. In the case of an accident the Vest will inflate in 0.1 of a second that means by the time you hit the ground, it would have started deflating so that you don't feel like you are hitting concrete. You can buy replaceable air canisters - very easy to change, and straps if you have more than one bike so you don't have to keep un-connecting.


  • Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
  • Inner textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation.
  • Vest-style body-worn protective air bag system.
  • Adjustable fastenings.
  • Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
  • High performance and durable sports fabric.
  • Multi directional triggering system.
  • Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment including race suits.
  • Also available in High Viz with reflective tape for maximum road visibility.

Body Parts Protected Directly:

  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Chest and Ribs
  • Pelvis


  • Head
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Pancreas
  • Collarbone

Helite Vests has been developed to fit smartly over any other equipment. Its very adjustable and free under the arms not to interfere with your freedom of movements. 100% Mechanical airbag system, easy to install, ready to use, works with any motorcycle. No unexpected deployment, works for the rider and or the passenger. 

Simple & Practical

Reusable-replace the CO2 cartridge to reactivate your airbag on your own in less than one minute.

Size Chart

Due to customer complaints/returns caused by Helite's own sizing chart we have used our experience instore to compile the sizing guides below, one showing the physical size of the vests and the other the recommended size to buy based on your T-Shirt size. We have found this to be significantly more accurate but feel free to contact us if you require assistance

Physical Vest Measurements S M L XL LL XLL
Height (cm) 67 71 77 80 77 81
Waist (cm) 96 102 106 112 120  130
Canister 60cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 100cc 100cc

Waist can adjust +/- 10cm using velcro straps.

T-Shirt Size S M L XL XXL XXXL
Chest Size 40 42 44 46 48 50
Helite vest S M L XL LL XLL

Fitting Instructions:

  • The air vest should reach half way down the buttocks when deflated; this is to ensure it will cover the pelvis sufficiently when inflated.
  • It is important that there is enough room between the air vest and any body amour to allow for inflation, we suggest a fists width.
  • The velcro straps can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Any bibs or tabards should be loosely fitted over an air vest.


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