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X-Lite X-602 N-Com

The reliability, technology and comfort of X-lite are condensed into this new full-face helmet with a shell made from composite fibres. X-602 is ready for the N-Com X-Series communication system and represents evolution in terms of the technical, quality and design contents of its predecessor, the X-601. It is extremely competitively priced, while at the same time bearing the high technical standards that are the mark of all X-lite products.
Triple shell

The availability of 3 different measurements for its outer shell (XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL) ensures a high level of comfort particularly appreciated by the end-consumers: the helmet's weight and volume (and hence its aerodynamic resistance) are kept to a minimum, proportionate to the rider's size.
Visor and rotation mechanisms

Injection moulded in General Electric Lexan® OQ, the visor is scratch-resistant and has a curved surface. Moreover, as a standard feature, it is already set for the Nolan Fog Resistant system attachment. Light and sturdy, the side mechanisms allow up and down visor rotation with intermediate positions; rapid opening of the visor without the need for special implements; adjustment of the air draught (4mm) between the visor and the trim. The Double Action device allows the following two functions:
- visor demisting, at low speeds or during stops, by a minimum visor opening;
- visor lock, to avoid accidental visor opening, especially at high speeds.

Its innovative ventilation system, the result of months of tests on the road and in the laboratory, is made up of:
- Top ventilation: two air intakes, with separate activation, conveying the air directly into the helmet, through distribution channels allowing internal ventilation, preventing annoying localised cooling;
- Lower ventilation: the lower air intake, which is activated by pressing a central push button, allows air to be conveyed directly into the helmet, guaranteeing constant air exchange in front of the rider's mouth. Part of the air is also directed onto the inner surface of the visor, hence limiting fogging and the formation of condensation;
- Rear extraction system: ensures constant air exchange inside the helmet, making the outflow of hot and stale air possible and, hence, guaranteeing an ideal temperature for the rider.
Removable comfort padding

X-602 gives exceptional comfort. This is the result of the experience and know-how of the company's technical experts, enhanced and consolidated through numerous dynamic user tests.
The liner, completely removable and washable, is made of the most up-to-date and high-quality microfibre fabric which actively regulates breathability, so as to provide the rider with a high degree of comfort.

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