Ultimateaddons Fork Stem 13.3-14.7mm  £21.99

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Ultimateaddons Adapter & Mount - Fork Stem 13.3-14.7mm

Ultimateaddons motorcycle centre fork stem yoke mounting attachment is designed for sports bikes / sports tourers where you have very limited space on the handlebars. This package includes Ultimateaddons 3 prong adapter giving riders everything the need to mount their UA Case or holder onto their motorbikes centre fork stem.  The fork stem is currently available in 5 sizes, please measure the diameter required before ordering.

Having a mounting point on a sports bike allows you to mount your UA Tough case or holder, allowing it to be used for sat nav or music while riding.  You can also use the ball mount for mounting action cameras to record your trip.   This mounting attachment offers a 25mm / 1" ball head connection. 

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