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Shift It Visor Wipes Set, Wet & Dry
Shift It Visor Anti Fog Spray 50ml
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Shift It Logo Shift-It became the first company in the UK, and possibly the world, to produce a product specifically designed to effectively clean motorcycle helmets and visors to produce a product that could be used to quickly and efficiently clean all types of helmets and visors without scratching or smearing known today as Shift-It Helmet & Visor Cleaner. Suitable for use on all helmets and visors (polycarbonate, kevlar, fibreglass etc.) it is also pH neutral and non-abrasive and environmentally friendly. Since its inception, it has become a trusted and essential part of many bikers' accessories including professional helmet technicians, motorcycle police, race teams, training schools, couriers and the general public alike, from this has grown a range of products specifically produced for motorcycle riders and their bikes to ensure that all Shift-It products are suitable and safe for their intended use.