Shark Pinlock Insert-VZ60/VZ65/ VZ80 Visor- S600/S650/S700/ S800/S900/Openline/Ridill Ab £22.99

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Shark Pinlock Inserts

Shark Pinlock Visor Insert Fits the following Shark Helmet models with VZ60,VZ65 & VZ80 stamped on the Visor: (top right hand corner of the visor) these include the following models:

S600, S650, S700, S800, S900, Openline (Flip-Front Helmet).

RSI, VZ80,Alien, Dual Touch Hologram, Fusion Tech, Prime, Acid

Ridill, Ridill 1.2

Pinlock – Fog Free Systems.
Pinlock Fog Resistant Visor inserts ensure you have a clear view whatever the weather conditions. Pinlock is created out of a moist-absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock creates an air tight double visor. It is easy to fit - placed between two adjustable pins - and the system is interchangeable making it easy to switch visor inserts when the weather changes. Pinlock can be used all year round during hot and humid conditions and wet; cold periods and makes riding with a completely closed visor entirely possible without any visor misting.

How to Fit A Shark Pinlock Insert

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