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R&G Crash Protectors
R&G Heated Grips 22mm (Right Side Only)
R&G Heated Grips 22mm (Left Side Only)
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Jetzt kaufen£9.99
R&G Heated Grips Wiring Loom Only
R&G Heated Grips Control Panel Only
R&G Heated Grips 22mm (Cruiser)
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Jetzt kaufen£14.99
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R&G Heated Grips 22mm Standard
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R&G Logo R&G Racing a UK company is the world’s number one manufacturer of motorcycle crash protectors and the only such one to be awarded insurance approval setting the standard in motorcycle crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories. R&G's range includes frame protectors, fork protectors, swingarm protectors, bar-ends, engine case sliders, exhaust hangers, radiator covers and much more. Designed without compromise for effective protection, R&G kits rely on nothing other than intelligent and experienced in-house design & engineering, superior materials and consistent manufacturing quality. Tried and tested on both road and track with exceptional results, R&G invests heavily in the motorcycle industry every year sponsoring many individual riders and teams from grassroots to professional level.