Revit Windcollar Urbano Wind Blocker Multitube  £39.99

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REV'IT Windcollar Urbano Wind Blocker

The tube-like shape of the Urbano WB has no limitations as to how you want to wear it. Its 50/50 construction, in which half of the tube is equipped with WINDBARRIER®, enables you to wear it in different manners. Make sure you have the WINDBARRIER® covering your entire neck on colder mornings, and pull it down when temperatures rise so you only have a comfortable fleece barrier preventing any bugs from finding their way into your jacket.


  • Outer shell REV’IT! WindBarrier® fleece | polyester jersey
  • Protection Waterproofing & Breathability breathable | water repellent and windproof panel
  • Composition 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane


  • Fit ergonomic fit
  • Features stretchable


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