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REV'IT Motorcycle Socks Trident (Black|Yellow)

The Trident summer socks will keep your feet fresh so you can stay comfortable during your motorcycle rides in higher temperatures. The highly breathable 3D round knit construction has been specially designed for active heat management and moisture regulation to keep your feet feeling their best during hotter days in the spring and summer.


  • 72% Polypropylene, 25% Polyamide, 3% Elastane


  • Knee-high This product has been designed to reach as high as the knee.


  • 3D round knit technology Seamless 3D round-knit garments provide superior comfort and technical function for a wide range of athletic activities, including motorcycle riding. The 3D name comes from the texture and shape of the roundknit. Made on a circular knitting machine, seamless garments have superior elasticity for optimal shaping to the body. The virtual lack of seams results in optimal comfort, while also imparting important functionality: fewer seams make the garment less vulnerable for seam breaks, drop stitches, etc., and therefore longer lasting. Those seams that are absolutely necessary are made using flatlock technology, to eliminate bulk. The result is the ultimate in comfort and function.
  • Roundknit construction with Lycra® The roundknit construction means that there are fewer seams used when creating this garment. Fewer seams mean increased comfort, support, and cooling in places where traditional seams could create unnecessary chafing or discomfort. By adding Lycra® to the roundknit construction, it allows for more flexibility and stretch, providing an ideal fit to the end user.
  • Thermoregulation polypropylene yarn By using a thermoregulation polypropylene yarn, this garment’s ability to draw moisture away from the body is increased, allowing sweat to dissipate so the rider stays cooler in warmer temperatures.
  • Cushioned area at ankle This product has a cushioned area at the ankle, providing both comfort and protection.
  • Cushioned area at shin This product has a cushioned area at the shin, providing both comfort and protection.

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