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Rev'it Chevak Gore-Tex Gloves (Black)

The Chevak GTX gloves are much more than just a waterproof pair of hand protection. They match effortlessly with almost every jacket in our collection; from an urban overcoat to a technical touring jacket. The beauty of its diversity lies in timeless and minimalist design. Clean lines and acute attention to detail equate to a pair of road-ready gloves. Not to mention its safety components that make them as potent as they are. PWR|shell is used in various areas, along with leather. Reflection is also included in subtle ways for visibility. Aside from GORE-TEX® technology – to keep your hands dry – the Connect Finger Tip allows you to keep your gloves on when operating touchscreens.


Outer shell

  • goatskin drum dyed with WR finish Tanned leather made from goatskin is considered extremely durable, and is often used for gloves and other products that require a soft hide. Goatskin with a WR finish has undergone a process that makes it water-repellent and soil-resistant. The WR coating is bonded to the material at the molecular level, enhancing the material’s natural water-repellence and soil-resistance, without altering how the fabric looks, feels, or breathes.
  • PWR|shell 500D stretch This material is REV’IT!’s take on Cordura®. Consisting of 100 percent high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell takes the best properties of Cordura®—a high melting point, tremendous tear- and abrasion-resistance, excellent durability—and puts the unique REV’IT! design stamp on it. This PWR|shell fabric comes in a stretch variant. 500D indicates the density of the fabric. The higher the number the better the abrasion- and tear resistance properties are.
  • PWR|ripstop stretch The ripstop and stretchable structure of this material allows for excellent movement and comfort. It also has water-repllant characteristics and is highly breathable.
  • flock PU Flocking is the process of adhering small fibre particles (called flock) onto a surface. This process creates a texture that picks up water.


  • THERMOLITE® Thermolite® insulation material is very soft, with a very high insulation capacity. REV’IT! uses two specific kinds of Thermolite®: Thermolite® Plus and Thermolite® Active.
  • high loft fur liner This type of insulation mimics the natural insulation properties of animal fur, a high loft construction; containing more air then fiber; it is a type of natural insulation that traps in the heat


  • visco-elastic knuckle These knuckle protectors are made from visco-elastic rubber. This material ensures the knuckles are protected, while the elasticity allows the hand to move naturally and in full comfort.


  • reflection

Waterproofing & Breathability

  • GORE-TEX® membrane The GORE-TEX® membrane is the essential element of all GORE-TEX® Gloves. It contains over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This makes the GORE-TEX® membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside. An oleophobic, or oil-hating, substance is integrated into the membrane, preventing the penetration of such compounds as body oils and insect repellent, which could otherwise affect the membrane.


  • 73% Polyamide, 18% Leather, 5% Polyester, 4% Polyurethane


  • tour fit


  • single motion closure system at cuff The innovative closure system allows for adjusting and closing the wrist straps in a single movement.


  • visor wipe
  • connect finger tip Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.

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