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RST Axis CE Motorcycle Gloves (Black/Blue/White)

Comfortable, protective and with sports styling, the RST Axis glove is an ideal sports touring leather motorcycle glove, as worthy of long distance summer touring as local commutes.

The leather outer construction makes for a durable, hardwearing glove that is highly abrasion resistant with double layer leather at the palm and covering the little finger, which are areas that typically experience the most abrasion in the event of a slide across tarmac. Additionally, the RST Axis gloves are double stitched in key areas, maximising the strength of the glove and prolonging the life of your new leather gloves. An Amara textile overlay at the palm of these gloves maximises the grip of the bars, giving you increased control your motorcycle.

Protection on these sports touring gloves comes in the form of TPU hard knuckle protection with soft density padding at the fingers, thumbs, palm and wrists. These protection points dissipate impact energy away from these areas, protecting your hands and increasing your recovery time after an accident.

The pre-curved fingers of the RST Axis glove minimise fatigue at the fingers, allowing you to ride for longer without the fear of cramp or achiness from battling the leather, making for a much more comfortable glove. With tiny perforations at the fingers and back of the wrist, these leather touring gloves are breathable and comfortable, a welcomed feature when riding in warmer climates. Accordion stretch leather areas at the knuckles improve flexibility and usability when riding, making it easier to reach the levers when riding. Finally, an adjustable Velcro cuff lets you tailor the fit of the gloves to suit your wrist, making for the perfect closure every time.


  • CE Certification: Level 1 KP
  • Leather outer construction
  • Amara palm overlay
  • TPU knuckle protection
  • Soft density protection padding
  • Double layer leather at palm
  • Double layer leather at little finger
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Out stitched fingers
  • Accordion stretch panelling at knuckle
  • Perforation ventilation areas
  • Twin Velcro closure
  • Double stitched seams
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