Proviz Triviz Hi Vis Light Pack  £29.99

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PROVIZ Triviz Hi Vis Light Pack

PROVIZ was set up in 2009 by two enthusiast brothers to meet the need for affordable; light-emitting; bright and visible cycling and motorcycling accessories. Following extensive searching; we were shocked that there were so few light-emitting accessories on the market. As a result; PROVIZ developed a number of unique; high visibility; light-emitting motorcycling products which take clothing and accessories to a new level.


  • Unique self-contained light-emitting warning triangle
  • Electroluminescent lighting - Most effective lighting system to draw attention to yourself when it is dark or during times of poor light
  • Colour: Red
  • Mini-USB rechargeable - 4 hours (power lead included)
  • Exclusively compatible with all products in the Nightrider range, attachable via hook and loop (in place of reflective triangle on chosen Nightrider product)
  • Size of triangle: 16cm x 16cm x 16cm
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Modes: Constant, fast flash, slow flash
  • Run time: 12+ constant, 16+ flashing
  • Weight: 115g