Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp Motorcycle Tyres  £134.00

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Designed for Custom motorcyclists that need tyres with high performance on the straight and inclining, but with excellent grip and a higher mileage.

Destined for Classic Sport motorcycles for road use, with a vintage look combined with state of the art technology.

Excellent performance and great fun to ride with a good balance between reliability and life of the tyre. Optimised for the new V-Twin engines with more power and higher torque.

Classic" tread made with technology and compounds specific for medium – high performance bikes.

Excellent precision on entry into bends and easy handling on mixed routes.

Radial carcass structure with a steel belt at 0° for excellent stability at high speeds and a great feeling of control even on the most demanding surfaces.

Standard on the Ducati Sport Classics: GT1000, Smart 1000LE and Sport 100

Tubeless design

Wavy longitudinal channels Rapid water drainage Confidence in the wet
Radial carcass made of light and resistant Rayon Uniform area of contact at different angles of inclination Optimal grip and road holding at any speed
Rounded profile Easy and intuitive changes of direction Highly precise steering
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