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Nur 1 Auf Lager110/70 R 17 NHS TL SCR1 F
UVP £178.00
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Absendung 2 - 3 Tage120/70 R 17 NHS TL SCR1 Front
UVP £198.00
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Nur 1 Auf Lager140/70R17NHSTLK388 SCR1
UVP £228.00
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Nur 1 Auf Lager160/60 R 17 NHS TL SCR1 Rear
UVP £243.00
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Nur 1 Auf Lager200/60 R 17 NHS TL SCR1 R
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A tyre exclusively for racetrack use, it constitutes a direct link between sporting users and the world of professional riders.

All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads.

Therefore there is no official homologation.

The official tyre of the world Superbike championship dedicated to professional riders and to sporting users who are looking for top performance on wet surfaces.

High performance and total control even in severe wet surface conditions.

Excellent traction and stability at high speeds, with high performance and optimised wear lap after lap.

Effective also for use on Supermotard bikes

The 160/60 R 17 TL SCR1 Rear Block Type is manufactured with a different block type tread pattern that the other sizes available you can see the difference in the images attached.

Multiple radius profile Differentiated profile from the crown to the shoulder Maximum support at any angle of inclination
Compound with high silica content High chemical adherence High traction on wet surfaces
Steel belt at 0° front and rear Constant contact on the ground in all racing conditions High safety and ease of transfer of power to the ground
Tread pattern with blocks and strips High drainage Excellent feeling of control on wet surfaces

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