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Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof Clear 300ml

Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof is spray-on waterproofing for waxed cotton that adds water-repellency and restores colour and rejuvenates the water repellency of tired, waxed cotton clothing, replaces water repellent finishes, overcomes the problems of gear ‘wetting-out’ , prolongs the life of your gear and optimises performance in wet weather and it’s easy to apply.

Easier; Safer; Drier

The benefits of the Nikwax WaterBased technology:

Nikwax is easy to use

It´s simple to apply. For instance; for clothing just use in a washing machine on a normal wash cycle. Garments do not have to be tumble-dried to activate water repellency and there is no need to wait for a clean; wet garment to dry before waterproofing with Nikwax.

Nikwax is safe to use 

  • No propellant gases; non-persistant; environmentally safe.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Contains no fluorocarbon
Nikwax keeps you dry

Our WaterBased products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Nikwax doesn´t require heat to activate water-repellency; unlike fluorocarbon products; therefore works even on garments that can not be tumble-dried. Prolongs the use of gear and keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather

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