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Michelin City Extra Scooter Tyre

The commuter tire for scooters, step-throughs and small motorcycles

  • Tire life improved by 10 percent*
  • Wet grip improved by 24 percent**
  • Increased scooter market coverage

Michelin has launched its new MICHELIN City Extra; a new tire for the global commuter market, with fitments available for scooters, step-throughs and small motorcycles.

Replacing both the MICHELIN City Pro and MICHELIN City Grip Pro tire ranges, the new MICHELIN City Extra offers 10 percent longer life* and 24 percent better wet grip** compared to the MICHELIN City Pro and is also available in a larger range of sizes for scooters, giving increased market coverage.

These improvements in performance have been made possible by the new adaptive tread design developed for the MICHELIN City Extra. This evolution in tread pattern design resists wear and incorporates MICHELIN Water Sipes to cut through the film of water on the road surface to find high levels of grip in these difficult conditions.

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