LS2 Pinlock Insert FF320|FF353|FF800|FF397|FF390 (DKS180)  £29.95

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LS2 Pinlock Insert 


  • FF320
  • FF353
  • FF397
  • FF800
  • FF390

Alternatively Fits any LS2 Visor with the following Code stamped on the visor

  • DKS180


  • The Pinlock® 70 fog resistant insert lens is the premium solution
  • Designed to fit your specific LS2 Pinlock prepared visor 
  • Passes the ECE standards mist-retardant test

Supplied with

  • Pinlock® insert (colour selected)
  • Fitting instructions
  • Protective film attached (this is a yellowish colour, please remove before use)


  • Genuine Pinlock® product
  • Moisture absorbing plastic
  • Silicone seal creates a double glazing effect
  • Fully removable & interchangeable item
  • Up to five different colours available
  • Adjustable pins to allow correct tension of insert

Pinlock – Fog Free Systems

Pinlock Fog Resistant Visor inserts ensure you have a clear view whatever the weather conditions. Pinlock is created out of a moist-absorbing plastic and the silicone seal on the Pinlock creates an air tight double visor. It is easy to fit - placed between two adjustable pins - and the system is interchangeable making it easy to switch visor inserts when the weather changes. Pinlock can be used all year round during hot and humid conditions and wet; cold periods and makes riding with a completely closed visor entirely possible without any visor misting.

Visor not included

For more information on please visit our Youtube Channel

Buy LS2 Pinlock Visor Inserts From The Visorshop Online Motorcycle Superstore

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