Kriega US Drypack Fit Kit Ducati Panigale 899 / 1199  £19.00

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Kriega Panigale Fiting Kit

Ducati 899 /1199 specific fitting hardware for US-drypacks


4 x Custom nylon loops bolt to the 2 pillion seat strap mounting points and the 2 x rear bodywork fasteners under the rear pad. Allows easy fitting of any size/combination of Kriega US-Drypacks (5-90L).

899 & 1199

Designed to fit Ducati Panigale 899 & 1199 only. NB – does not fit 1299


  • Remove seats and bodywork to access the Ducati rear seat strap nuts.
  • Fit the 2 front loops to the seat strap bolts using the existing Ducati washers and nuts (M6).
  • Fit the 2 rear loops with the black washers using the Ducati bodywork allen head bolts (M5).
  • Replace the bodywork and seats with the 4 x loops in position.


  • 4 x Stainless washers encapsulated in Hypalon, with nylon web loop
  • 2 x Black stainless washers (see fitting)


  • 200 Grams


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