Kriega OS Rack Loops  £35.00

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Kriega OS Rack Loops

Kriega’s ultra-lightweight alternative to a rear luggage rack.

Unique low-profile fastener fits any style bodywork, even rear fuel-tank KTM’s and Husabergs. Any Kriega US-Drypack from 5 – 30L can be used on a dirtbike rear fender.


CNC 6061-T6 alloy hardware with low profile stainless fastener (only 2mm below bodywork) fits any thickness of fender. Web-loop can rotate to optimum luggage hook angle.

Easy fit: Drill 4 x 6 mm holes in rear fender on side panels. Drive (anti-clockwise) stainless fastener with 3mm allen key from above (Note. use low strength thread lock).

Rack loops are perfect for attaching dry bags (tents, sleeping bags) with 2 x 25mm luggage straps or bungees.


  • Fits any thickness of fender.
  • Easy fit – drill 4 x 6 mm holes.
  • Low weight – 25g per loop.
  • Unique stainless fastener.
  • CNC 6061-76 components.
  • 19mm nylon loop.
  • Nylon washer.
  • 10-year guarantee


  • 10(h) x 30(dia) mm
  • 0.4(h) x 1.2(dia) ins.


  • 100 Grams


  • KRKL
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