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Knox Urbane Pro Glove
Knox Orsa Textile Motorcycle Gloves MK3
Knox Action Pro E-Bike Glove (Black)
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Knox Orsa Mens Leather Glove (Black)
Knox Orsa Mens Leather Glove (White/Black)
Knox Hanbury Mens Leather Glove (Black)
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Knox Hadleigh Waterproof Glove
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Knox Logo Planet Knox Ltd is the company behind the multi award winning Knox brand of Body Armour, Original Equipment, Hand Armour, Cold Killers, Dry Inside and The Studio Collection. KNOX has been protecting motorcyclists for over 30 years specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative impact protective equipment, performance layering systems, Hand Armour and most recently Outerwear. Knox a UK company is recognised as a world leader in innovation, producing technically advanced trend setting high quality motorcycle body armour with its own in house impact test equipment and R & D facility’s which allows faster development of new technology and ideas. It also ensures the highest CE quality standards are maintained with some of their back protectors exceeding CE Level 2 Standards. Protection is their only focus and this makes them different from the competition. This translates into the most comprehensive range of award winning Back protectors, chest armour, elbow and knee protection and full body armour as well as armour upgrades for your existing motorbike clothing available.