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Held Airea Motorcycle Gloves (Black) 
Held Burt Motorcycle Gloves (Brown) 
Held Summertime II Motorcycle Gloves
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Held Classic Rider Motorcycle Gloves (Beige) 
Held Kakuda Motorcycle Gloves (Black|Orange) 
Held Kakuda Motorcycle Gloves (Black|Red) 
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Jetzt kaufen£89.95
Held Kakuda Motorcycle Gloves (Black) 
Held Kakuda Motorcycle Gloves (Black|White) 
Held Classic Rider Motorcycle Gloves (Black) 
Jetzt kaufen£89.95
Jetzt kaufen£89.95
Jetzt kaufen£49.95
Held Burt Motorcycle Gloves (Black) 
Held Paxton Glove (Blue|Beige|Burgundy)
Held Airea Motorcycle Gloves (Brown) 
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Held Rodney Motorcycle Gloves (Black)
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Held Logo HELD are one of the most respected brands in the world of motorcycle gloves, helmets, clothing and accessories, Held is a family run business in Germany with over 60 years’ experience, there has been only one aim: to make biking even better for motorcyclists who chose Held Rider Equipment. Held have an unwavering commitment to rider safety through the design and production of top quality protective motorcycle clothing with attention to detail, quality, style and durability second to none. Working with technical partners such as Gore-Tex and D3O to enable them to produce some of the safest and most technically advanced products on the market. The Held collection is one of the most comprehensive on the market with a full range of leather and textile jackets, jeans, gloves, boots and armour, available in over 52 sizes along with an option for custom fitting means that you will always find something to suit you in in the Held Motorcycle range. Truly one of the best brands of motorcycle rider equipment you can buy.