Held D3O Ghost, Elbow/Knee Armour (Pair)  £28.99

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Held D3O Ghost, Elbow/Knee Armour (Pair)

Ghost puts to use D3O's latest impact print technology, and it is this lightweight honeycomb construction that makes it the thinnest and most flexible armour to emerge from the D3O lab. Not only is Ghost slim and malleable to promote freedom of movement but it also aids airflow and enhances breathability. Perfect for the urban rider.

CE Level 1 safety standard certified offering impressive impact protection in all conditions. This armour set is designed for both Knee and Elbow application.

  • D3O patented technology
  • New Impact Print system allows more flexibility
  • Certified to exceed performance requirements of EN 1621-1:2012 (Level 1) in ambient and wet
  • Low profile design
  • Breathable and easy to fit
  • Dimensions: 147 x 239.2 x 6.5mm
  • Weight: 88.7g
  • 1 Pair
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