EBC Brake Shoes H353  £10.99

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EBC Brake Shoes H353


  • AFS 110 25HC Wave 12-13 R 
  • ANF 125-3/5/T5/6/7/8 Innova 03-11 R 
  • CG 125 Job 05 R 
  • NXR 125 Bros ES/KS 05 R 


  • Splendor 100 NXG 11-12 F&R 
  • Splendor Pro 100 11-12 F&R 


  • FL 125 SDWK7/SDWK9 Address 
  • /Underbone 07-10 R

Don't let the lower price point cloud your view of this superb quality product, these pads will stop your vehicle as fast as any original equipment pad and faster than most aftermarket pads.

Disc wear is reduced by up to 50% with the EBC material compared to more abrasive semi metallics. It is common to replace the rotor with every pad change on some OE parts but with EBC it is quite common to see one rotor last TWO sets of pad lifetimes, offering significant savings. This does NOT mean that the EBC pads wear quickly either.

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