EBC Brake Pads SFA498  £8.99

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EBC Brake Pads SFA498

SFA498 90 x 33.3 x 9.8mm

Downtown 125i (V21000) 09-10 R
Downtown 300i (V20000) 09-10 R

Equivalents OE #

43105 LEA7 305

Competitor X Ref


SFA   HH     R   MXS  EPFA

SFA498  SFA498HH  -   -   -

EBC SFA Scooter Pads A new range of organic scooter pads in premium quality organic material designed specifically for lighter weight motorcycles; such as scooters to give good lifetime and good initial brake response at a price point appropriate for the market.

EBC Double-HTM Superbike Pads FA series; with HH suffix; denotes EBC’s American made ultra high friction Double-H sintered copper alloy brake pads for maximum stopping power and lifetime. Fitted with stainless steel radiator plates for bikes without built in piston insulators to reduce heat transfer into hydraulics and new double compact vented technology for wider pads; reducing backplate bending.

HH Suffix = High Performance Sintered Pad

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