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Dainese Smart Jacket (Black)
Dainese Hatch T-Shirt 622 (Black/White)
Dainese Speed Demon Ladies T-Shirt (Black/Red)
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Dainese Speed Demon T-Shirt (Black/Red)
Dainese Sherman Pro D-Dry Trousers (Black)
Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Boots (Black)
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Dainese Pony 3 Leather Motorcycle Trousers (Black)
Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry Women's Trousers (Black|Ebony)
Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry Womens Textile Jacket (Black|Ebony)
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Dainese Laguna Seca 3 D-Dry Women's Jacket (Black|Lava-Red|White)
Dainese Laguna Seca 3 D-Dry Jacket (Black|Lava Red|White)
Dainese Tempest 2 D-Dry Motorcycle Jacket (Black|Red)
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Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Trousers (Black)
Dainese Razon Motorcycle Leather Jacket
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Dainese Logo Providing people with head to toe protection in motorcycling. This was the objective Dainese was founded in Italy with in 1972, a mission it has pursued right from the start on racetracks around the world with help from some of the greatest racers in motorcycle racing. From Giacomo Agostini to Valentino Rossi, Dainese has played a key role in the motorcycle world by working together with motorcycle champions on the invention of new products such as the first back protectors, knee sliders, D-air®, the intelligent protection based on air bag technology for bike riders. Dainese are known as one of the most recognisable, coolest motorcycle brands available and for their innovation and high quality products offering protection, comfort and reliability that meet rider’s needs from racing to touring and urban riding. The engineers at Dainese have all the skills needed to transfer the experience gained from the extreme conditions of competitions, to create a collection of products that caters for all types of motorbike riders. Dainese remains at the forefront of motorcycle clothing technology and continues to be the brand of choice for the biggest names in bike racing.