Bridgestone BT-016 Pro Hypersport Motorcycle Tyre Ab £85.00

Nur 1 Auf Lager120/60 ZR17 M/C (55W) TL Front
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Nur 3 Auf Lager160/60 ZR17 M/C (69W) TL Rear
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Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 PRO Motorcycle Tyre

This tyre was launched in 2011 as a stop gap between the BT016 and the new S20. This tyres promises even more grip for your Sports bike. BT-016 PRO presents a significant improvement of "Practical Performance" (wet grip and life), while maintaining "Dry Conditions" performance (grip/handling/stability), and maintains its performance level through the complete life of the tyre.


Evolution of Real MotoGP Technology Latest MotoGP technology for all riders. Maintains performance level through complete tire life

  • Latest MotoGP Technology (construction/compound)
  • New compound (“SILICA RICH EX”, “RC Polymer”)
  • 3LC for front & rear both (Handling up)
    ⇒ Massive improvement of “Practical performance” (Wet & Life) while maintaining “Dry condition” performance (Grip/handling/Stability)

MotoGP Technology

Grip evolution

Hyper “grip” to win in MotoGP
⇒ Meet all riding style and feel great confidence

Optimize compound performance

Riding comfort evolution

Hyper flexibility to response the strict GP regulation
⇒ Meet various circumstances(dry/wet/temperature)

Cover wide range of temperature
Wet Grip

Tire life evolution

Hyper “life” to absorb GP machine's traction
⇒ Long life till the very end to be Completely worn out

Repression power of worn out


New Compound

New compound containing a combination of 2 special components, Silica Rich Ex & *RC Polymer offer massive improvement of Dry/Wet/Life/Less performance decrease.

Silica Rich EX(front) Silica Rich EX(rear)

RC POLYMER for Motorcycle

RC Polymer

*RC Polymer can control the change of properties of rubber in any temperature and assist Silica effect.

RC Polymer for motorcycle tire

RC Polymer is developed by adoption of Bridgestone's tire material technology “NanoPro-Tech”

Nano Pro-Tech

3LC (3 Layer Compound)

3LC (3 Layer Compound)

Simultaneous pursuit of “Grip” and “Life” (appropriate compound placed in center and shoulder area)

Special Pattern for Front

Center compound :
results in good stability and wear life.

Shoulder compound :
provides grip and bump absorption.


Provides good bump absorption, grip and stability during high speed riding. (Prevent performance decrease)






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