Bob Heath Tear Offs fits X-Lite X-801R |Nitro VF  £9.99

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Bob Heath Tear Offs fits X-Lite X-801R |Nitro VF 

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Tear Off/Rip Off films for  2D Race type visors to fit the following helmets :-

  • X-LITE X-801 R, X-801 RR,
  • NITRO VF helmet range,
  • O,NEAL full face helmet range.

visors please see the information on the first picture of the listing and check the distance between the tear off mounting post centres on your original visor as x-lite have produced visors with two different mounting post positions. these tear offs are to suit visors with the posts set at 318 mm if your post centres measure 329mm, then you require our x-802 type tear offs bhv part number t010 . 

please note these tear offs are only suitable for single curve race visors , not double curve road type check if your visor is flat fronted , hold a straight edge vertically against the centre of the visor and it should sit flat against the face. see picture one of a 2d race visor in our images for this item. do not confuse pin lock insert location posts with tear off mounting posts. pin lock posts are typically set at approx. 293mm apart. tear off posts will have a groove under the head for the tear offs to sit in.

made by bob heath visors in the u.k. from 0.08mm thick high optical grade clear polyester film with tissue paper interleaves between each film. you can use them on the road or track to help prevent damage to your visor from flying stones/flies , to help keep it clean and generally prolong the life of your visor .they give you clearer vision in an instant simply by “tearing off” the film from your visor to reveal the clean surface underneath. for high speed use we recommend sticking small strips of clear adhesive tape over and along the edges of the film to help secure them in place as is common practise in motorcycle racing. it is recommended that you use no more than three tear off films on your visor at a time."