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Arai VAS-V Double Pane Factory Race Visor

These Factory Race Visors are normally reserved for Arai's Factory Backed Riders, such as their Moto GP Riders, World Superbike, British Superbike and Top Road Racers such as Micheal Dunlop, they are not normally available to the general public. We have obtained a limited supply from Arai.

What makes them Different ?

They are a flat 2d visor to accommodate Tear off's

They have both tear off posts and a Special Built in Anti Fog System (normally you get one or the other)

The Anti Fog System is specially recessed and sealed into the visor

The visor has a special rubber seal arround the outside to prevent moisture, rain,etc getting into the inside of the visor, While travelling at High speeds in the rain.

They have been described by riders as guaranteed not to fog or mist up no matter what the conditions are like rain, hail, snow  

This visor fits the following models 

  • Arai RX-7V
  • Arai RX-7V EVO
  • Arai RX-7X
  • Chaser-X
  • QV-PRO
  • Corsair-X
  • Profile-V / Regent X
  • Renegade-V
  • Rapide
  • Concept-X
  • Quantic

We are an official Arai UK DNA stockist we only supply Genuine Arai Visors. All our Arai visors are supplied with a full manufacture warranty.We have Genuine Arai visors to fit all Arai Motorcycle helmets produced over the last 15 years.

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