Arai Super Adsis MZ Type Helmet Visor, fits X-Tend & XC range  £49.99

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Arai Super Adsis MZ Type Visor

Genuine Arai Visor to fit: 

  • X-Tend
  • X-Tend Ram
  • XC
  • XC Ram 

We are an official Arai UK DNA stockist we only supply Genuine Arai Visors. All our Arai visors are supplied with a full manufacture warranty.We have Genuine Arai visors to fit all Arai Motorcycle helmets produced over the last 15 years.

The Arai visor itself may not look very spectacular, but in fact it is. It is made of incredibly strong special polycarbonate, either thermo plastically heat formed or injection moulded.

All Arai visors are aerodynamically shaped, optically correct and preformed with a 3D shape for better vision, less distortion and UV ray protection. The 3D shape smoothly follows the curves of the outer shell, while maintaining excelling optical properties. Highly resistant to scratches it is available in several colours, smoked tints and mirrorized finishes. The 'demist lock' prevents fogging of the visor, which is also very effectively prevented by the use of the optional (standard for some models) Pinlock inner shields."
  • Quality - Made in the Arai Factory in Japan
  • Arai quality Tested
  • Carry a full Arai Warranty
  • Optically Correct
  • Highly Scratch resistant
  • Fully compatible with the holder set and mechanism
  • Not using genuine visors damage the holder set
  • Correct fitment, Air and Noise sealing

For more information on please visit our Youtube Channel

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