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Arai RX-7V RC Carbon Helmet

Without doubt the Arai RX-7V RC is the pinnacle of helmet technology. Painstakingly hand build by master craftsman to create a superb helmet in which all the Arai know-how, experience and years of development has been brought together. From the VAS (Variable Axis System) technology that offers a significant larger and smoother shell area above the SNELL test line greatly improving the important helmet glancing off performance, to the meticulously applied layers of precious carbon fibre, it all adds up to a truly superb helmet.

CFC Shell 
Carbon Fibre Composite Exclusive technology developed internally by Arai for the GP-6RC F-1 helmet utilizes carbon fibre found in the latest generation of commercial airlines, and is bonded with Arai's proprietary resins and is reinforced with a band of incredibly super fibre belt specifically oriented to disperse energy loads laterally across the shell surface. In the forehead area, this band increases shell strength without adding thickness or weight, and allows the use of a thinner EPS liner which greatly enhances the upward field of view — especially appreciated in a full racing tuck!

New diffusers are 20mm longer and straightened for improved aerodynamics, working together with the Air Wing to improve stability. Compared to the previous diffusers, the efficiency of the intake scoops of the new diffusers has increased by 19%. The new air intake vents not only have more adjustability with three positions; closed, half open and fully open but also help to improve sealing that decreases wind noise and water intrusion. 

Chin Curtain 
Attached to the bottom of the helmet, the new chin curtain helps to further accentuate the Egg-shape form. The curtain simultaneously blocks air intrusion from turbulent air below and increases negative pressure to enhance the exhaust function of FFS by drawing more air from the mouth area. The improved airflow reduces noise even further.

VAS V MV Visor 
VAS MAX Vision shield is standard to provide better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding. Comes standard with Clear anti- fog Pinlock insert to be installed as needed

Antimicrobial Liner material 
The fully removable interior liner system has been improved with new Anti-microbial Liner material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin and antibacterial consumption. With the aim of a softer, deeper and even more comfortable fit we developed a new softer liner frame material. The new liner also has adjustable temple padding that allows for a customized fit. 

Full Support Interior 
FCS Cheek pad with ear pocket recess for speakers and 5mm peel away layer for added room if needed. Larger space in mouth area for a more open feeling. Smaller neck exhaust nozzle without reduced exhaust efficiency. New emergency release tab positioned at the end of the release strap for easier access by rescue staff. Improved comfort performance with better fitting while being easier to put on and off. 



  • Outer shell CFC 
  • Variable Axis System (VAS) 


  • Free Flow System (FFS) 
  • Eyeport air channel 

Front ventilation 

  • Center top vent 
  • Diffuser system 
  • Brow vents extended to temple area* 
  • Three position chin vent 

Rear ventilation 

  • Neck exhaust vent 
  • Side exhausts 


  • Pull Down Chin Spoiler 
  • Patented Air Wing adjustable ** 


  • VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option 
  • Pinlock insert lens included 


  • Antimicrobial Liner material 
  • Replaceable Cheek Pads/Ear cups 
  • Replaceable Interior 
  • Replaceable Chinstrap covers 
  • Replaceable Neckroll 

Speaker pockets 

  • Facial Contour System (FCS) 
  • 5mm "Peel Away" Ear cups/Cheek pads 
  • 5mm "Peel Away" Temple pad 
  • Thin centre pad for more room in front area 


  • Emergency Release System (ERS) 
  • Breath guard 
  • Chin Curtain 


  • ECE 22-05 
  • SNELL M2010/2015 
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