Arai PRO Shade I-Type Helmet Visor (With Pinlock Insert)  £69.99

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Arai SAI PRO Shade System

Arai's soloution to the demand for an internal drop down sun visor normally situated between the helmet’s outer- and inner shell to protect against sun glare. However, it is Arai’s opinion that this construction could affect the performance of a helmet during impact. As the Pro Shade System is completely mounted on the outside of the helmet, it will not in any way negatively affect the performance of the helmet.

The Pro Shade System has a small peak that is locked in position. Unlocking is easy; just pull the Pro Shade System forward, then it can be flipped down with a flick of the hand to act as an effective sun-visor. The Pro Shade System is the complete all-weather system for serious touring riders, offering protection against sun glare, fogging and misting, especially for riders that prefer an upright seating position and/or the comfort of a fairing, the Pro Shade System will enhance the rider’s comfort significantly. Feed back from riders who have used the system has all been positive Arai spent two years testing this product in its windtunnel to ensure there is no buffering, drag or discomfort caused by the Pro Shade Visor. The Tinted lens that attached to the visor and flips down also now comes in a range of colours that can be purchased separately please see suggested items at the bottom of the page.

Fits all Arai SAI full-face helmets including:

  • RX7-GP
  • AXCES-2
  • AXCES-3
  • Corsair V
  • Vector 2
  • RX-Q
  • Signet-Q
  • Defiant

  • Fits all Arai SAI full-face helmets including the Arai Corsair V, Vector 2, RX-Q, Arai Signet-Q and Defiant
  • Complete system, pre-mounted on clear Arai MAX Vision visor (included)
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Increased helmet stability
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • No contact with visor: no scratching

The system cannot be installed on a standard Arai face shield; instead, it replaces it with a modified face shield that has the special attachment for the sun shade.

The system works well and doesn't seem to change the aerodynamics or sound levels of the helmet

Each Pro Shade System consists of:

SAI Max Vision Pinlock Ready Visor, Max Vision Pinlock Clear Lens Insert, Pro Shade Lens.

It is packaged together and sold as a complete system. Normal Retail is £99.99, this is an intro offer only.

Pinlock Inserts Available Click Here

For more information on please visit our Youtube Channel

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