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ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray 32oz
ACF50 Anti Corrosion Lubricant 4lt
ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray
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ACF50 Corrosion Block Grease 16oz
ACF50 Corrosion Block Grease 14oz
ACF50 Corrosion Block Grease 2oz
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ACF50 Logo ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, is a state of the art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound that has been specifically designed for the Aero Space, Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Recreational industries best known for its adoption by the US Military and Coast Guard as the go-to solution for corrosion-prevention on Aircraft carriers to protect the chrome on hydraulic rams and electronics on fighters. ACF 50 has legendary status: Renowned for its ability to keep your motorbike clear of corrosion for longer and more effectively than any alternative. The benefit: no rust or pitting, less maintenance, greater reliability and higher residual value! Prevents corrosion as well as stopping existing corrosion from spreading! A highly advanced, non-toxic, water-displacing lubricant containing active salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors. These unique abilities of ACF-50 remain effective for 12 months, gradually disappearing as it is chemically consumed. Recognised by technicians and reviewers everywhere as class-leading products in their field, offering a range of corrosion-controlling features that have yet to be bettered.