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ESKA Integral Short Gore-Tex Gloves

Eska is one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world, but the brand is not as well recognized among motorcyclists as it should be. The Austrian company has been manufacturing gloves for nearly 100 years they make motorcycle gloves along with other types of specialty gloves for work and play. Eska is well known for their police, military and firefighter gloves and also for ski gloves and street gloves. So a company that has been making rough duty gloves for extreme conditions since 1912 should know a thing or two about protection, and their line of motorcycle gloves is both extensive and technologically advanced. The company has an extensive line of motorcycle gloves for racing, sport riding, street riding and scootering, including waterproof gloves, mesh gloves, four-season all-around gloves and women's gloves. The gloves feature an interesting and, unique blend of style, features and details, focusing on meaningful features and performance the overall impression is that Eska makes high-quality gloves with a definite emphasis on performance.